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A Proven Investment Philosophy

The M.D. Sass investment approach has proven itself in a wide range of changing and often challenging investment environments. We willingly commit our own capital alongside that of our clients out of confidence in our ability to preserve assets during broad market declines while enjoying the rewards of rising markets.

Our success is the result of a proven investment philosophy and realistic investment criteria: we target superior returns through an opportunistic management approach. By employing rigorous research, we seek to identify investments with hidden strengths and take advantage of market inefficiencies. At the same time, we strive to identify, measure and control different types of risk that can affect specific investment strategies and overall portfolio performance. Guided by our investment philosophy, we continually develop new strategies as we see opportunities emerge.

Our alternative strategies, together with more traditional stock, bond, balanced and cash management strategies, are the elements we combine in seeking to construct truly diversified portfolios that produce superior, risk-adjusted returns across all types of economic and market environments.

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