M.D. Sass - background

Finding Value Outside The Bounds Of Conventional Wisdom Since 1972

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Independent, boutique investment firm

With a commitment to invest our own capital alongside that of our clients.

Dedicated and experienced team

With average tenure at the firm over 15 years and 50% minorities and/or female.

Founded in 1972

With experience managing various asset classes through multiple economic and market cycles.

About Us

M.D. Sass is an independent asset management firm that has been creating highly differentiated investment strategies for over 50 years.

Clients include Fortune 500 companies, pension funds, endowments and foundations, and high net worth individuals

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A Differentiated Approach to Traditional Asset Classes

Whether it’s high-conviction equities or specialized structured credit, we conduct rigorous research to find exceptional investment opportunities while controlling risk.

Concentrated Value

Our high conviction, opportunistic U.S. equity strategy, Concentrated Value, maintains a focused portfolio of approximately 20 predominantly large and mid-cap stocks.

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Structured Fixed Income

With 30 years of specialization in securitized fixed income, our team focuses on identifying value-added opportunities across the spectrum, from Agency Mortgage-Backed securities to Non Agency and Asset-Backed securities.

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Guiding Principles

Intellectual Honesty as a Cornerstone

Intellectual honesty is at the core of our culture. We believe in proactively admitting when we're wrong and sharing information, even when it challenges our initial thesis.

Deep Understanding of Fundamentals

Deep understanding of business fundamentals is crucial for long-term investors; attractive valuations are important, but valuation is an observation, not a thesis.


We believe a concentrated portfolio of stocks we understand extremely well provides superior risk-adjusted returns.

Adherence to Process

During times of crisis, time horizons compress yet that is the exact time they should expand.

Fostering Positive Change Through Values-Driven Initiatives

We take pride in our role as founders and leaders of philanthropic institutions that focus on healthcare and education.

Sass-Arena Foundation - image

Sass-Arena Foundation

Fighting cancer through research, patient care and education.

M.D. Sass Investment Institute - image

M.D. Sass Investment Institute

Experiential learning initiative in finance and investments at the Murray Koppelman School of Business at Brooklyn College.

Partnerships - background


M.D. Sass is dedicated to fostering the growth of new and early-stage asset management businesses with a distinctive approach. With over 50 years of operational prowess, we have initiated and developed 34 investment management ventures across various strategies, geographies, and sectors. Our track record includes successfully building and divesting from investment managers with a cumulative AUM exceeding $35 billion.

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Concentrated Value Crosses One Billion in Assets Under Management

Concentrated Value Crosses One Billion in Assets Under Management

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Concentrated Value Reaches Five Year Track Record

Concentrated Value Reaches Five Year Track Record

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M.D. Sass Named PSN Mortgage Backed Managers of the Decade

M.D. Sass Named PSN Mortgage Backed Managers of the Decade

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