M.D. Sass

Concentrated Value Crosses One Billion in Assets Under Management

By Ari Sass

In February, Concentrated Value (“CV”) crossed $1B in AUM, an important milestone that coincides with our five-year track record achieved at the end of 2023. While assets under management has approximately doubled over the past year, we have reinvested a significant amount of the growth back into the business to enhance both our human and …

Concentrated Value Reaches Five Year Track Record

By Ari Sass

The conclusion of 2023 marked an important milestone for Concentrated Value – the 5th year anniversary of the strategy’s inception. This period has tested our philosophy and process amidst various challenges, including a pandemic, multiple interest rate cycles, inflation, geopolitical tensions, and significant market volatility. We are proud of the results we have achieved despite …

M.D. Sass Named PSN Mortgage Backed Managers of the Decade

By Ari Sass

New York, NY — February 23, 2023 — M.D. Sass proudly announces its recognition as Managers of the Decade within PSN’s Mortgage Backed Universe for both its Short Term and Intermediate Agency strategies. This prestigious acknowledgment comes as a testament to M.D. Sass’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the fixed-income investment space.   A …