M.D. Sass
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Our Story

Over 50 years of operating expertise in starting and building 34 investment management businesses

Genesis and Early Growth
Martin D. Sass established the company in 1972 with a focus on value equities. In 1974, Hugh Lamle joined as a partner to expand into taxable fixed income and alternative investment strategies.
Expanding Horizons
M.D. Sass played a pioneering role in distressed securities investing, forming Re/Enterprise Asset Management in 1989 and later Resurgence Asset Management. This growth was complemented by the development of other strategies, including Real Estate Capital Partners (RECAP) in 1989 and a corporate cash management joint venture with Chase Bank called Chase & MD Sass Partners.
A Star Is Born
Jim Evans joined the firm in 1990 to lead the firm's tax-advantaged municipal bond strategy (TABS) which grew to several billion under management.
Navigating the 21st Century
The firm sold several companies it seeded and incubated, including TABS, RECAP, and Cash Management, while simultaneously introducing a range of new investment ventures. M.D. Sass-Macquarie Financial Strategies (FinStrat) was established to nurture and provide initial funding for emerging investment management firms.
Seeds Into Flowers
Several seed investments thrived during this period, notably Waterfall Asset Management, AMERRA Capital, Taurus Funds Management, and Hightower Advisers.
An Eye to the Future
At the dawn of a new decade, under the leadership of Ari Sass, the firm launched Concentrated Value, which is experiencing steady growth, surpassing $1 billion in assets under management by early 2024. Concurrently, M.D. Sass seeded Cladrius Partners, a special situations credit hedge fund.