M.D. Sass
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Differentiated Partnership Model

M.D. Sass seeks to invest in new and early stage, next generation asset management businesses through a differentiated business model. With over 50 years of expertise, M.D. Sass has seeded, nurtured, and operated investment management businesses across a wide spectrum of strategies, geographies, and sectors. Since its inception, M.D. Sass has started, grown and sold its stake in 34 investment managers with over $35B in AUM.

Key Elements of Our Partnership Model

We focus on highly differentiated investment strategies implemented by managers with specialized expertise in given markets
We provide track record capital, working capital and a full suite of marketing, legal/compliance, finance, operations, technology, real estate and strategic advice in exchange for equity stakes and/or revenue shares
Build on M.D. Sass’ vast experience and knowledge of seeding, growing and monetizing early stage investment management businesses

Over time, M.D. Sass has seeded and grown businesses in the following areas:


  • Value Equities
  • Fixed Income
  • Dividend Recapture
  • Variable Annuities/Mutual Funds
  • Equity
  • Muni-Treasuries
  • Corporate Cash Management
  • Cash Management

Equity Alternatives

  • Risk Arbitrage
  • Market Neutral
  • Equity Hedge Fund
  • Statistical Arbitrage
  • Middle Eastern Equities
  • Hedged U.S. Equities
  • Hedged Financials
  • Long-Short Asian Equities
  • Telecom/Utilities
  • Long-Short Concentrated Asian Equities
  • Micro/Small Cap Activism
  • Long-Short Financials
  • Covered Call Equities

Real Estate

  • Direct Real Estate
  • Tax Liens
  • REITs
  • Tax Liens Real Estate
  • Mezzanine Lending


  • Energy Arbitrage
  • Metals/Mining Private Equity&Project Finance
  • Agricultural Finance & Private Equity

Credit Alternatives

  • Distressed Securities
  • Asset Backed Securities & Non-Performing Loans
  • Structurally Complex Special Situations


  • Fund of Hedge Funds
  • Wealth Management Platform