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Delve into the intricacies of our strategies, uncovering their foundational philosophies and the principles that steer our investment decisions

Our Investment Strategies

Concentrated Value

Our high conviction, opportunistic U.S. equity strategy, Concentrated Value, maintains a focused portfolio of approximately 20 large and mid-cap stocks.

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We seek out-of-favor and misunderstood investment situations where perception lags behind reality. Utilizing intensive, bottoms-up fundamental research, we aim to validate our investment thesis and quantify the disconnect between market consensus and our own view.

Structured Fixed Income

With over 30 years of specialized focus, M.D. Sass Fixed Income is a distinguished investor in a growing array of Securitized products. Our journey underscores a deep commitment to expertise in mortgage collateral and structure, navigating the market intricacies.

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M.D. Sass Fixed Income offers yield, return potential, downside protection, and a differentiated exposure, while emphasizing quality and liquidity